TStv Africa Channels list, frequency & Position change 2018 – Now broadcasts on YahSat 1A 52.5ºE

TStv Africa position and Channels Update as at 25th of October, 2018

TStv Africa position and Channels Update as at 25th of October, 2018

I confirmed it in my last monthly update(October update precisely) that TStv channels have gone off on Nigcomsat position. Today I am happy and glad to tell you that as at the time of publishing this article, TStv is currently broadcasting onYahSat -1A 52.5°E. Earlier today I visit their facebook page where I got this news. Let me quote the message from their facebook page:

TStv position  frequency change


TSTV Receive Frequencies
GlintSat at 51.5°E
Frequencies 11130 and 11170
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30,000

All channels still free until November when TSTV begins encryption of its channels and commercial sales nationwide.


If only Nigerians know the kinds of fights TSTV has gone thru and survived. What is important is that we are still standing and we have learnt strong lessons and we are stronger by the day. We will never fail even if we delayed.

We will make that difference.


TStv position frequency change: Full channels list as at 25TH of Oct, 2018

Trust me, I came through on this one as I shall be representing the channels list with images and a video. Just read along.

  • MBC 2
  • Al Jazeera English
  • BBC World
  • Mama Africa Movies
  • Mama Africa Hausa
  • FOX Sports 1
  • Mama Africa Yoruba
  • A1 Kids
  • MBC Action
  • FOX Ent
  • FOX Life
  • NHK WORLD-JPN(Not showing)
  • Mama Africa Igbo
  • Hits TV HD
  • Hits Africa
  • RT News
  • France 24 eng
  • Iqraa(Islam)
  • SUNNA TV(Not showing as at the time of testing)
  • Preach TV(Xtian)
  • CGTN
  • NTAi
  • RT Documentary
  • mercy TV plus
TStv Channels list on Yahsat 1A 52.5e Photo Gallery

TStv channels on Yahsat 1A page 1

TStv channels on Yahsat 1A page 2(9-16)

TStv channels on Yahsat 1A page 3(17-24)


TStv channels on Yahsat 1A page 4(25-30)

TStv Channels list on Yahsat 1A 52.5e Video Gallery

New/ Latest TStv Africa Position and Frequency

Firstly, I heard the news and took out time to confirm. I am hereby sharing with you the latest and newest TStv Africa tracking Position and frequency.

Satellite name: YahSat -1A

Dish Size: Between 90CM and 1-meter dish would track it

LNB Type: KU Band LNB

Orbital Position: 52.5°E

Frequencies: 11130, 11131, 11171

Symbol rate: 30000

Polarization: H/V

How to track TStv on the New YahSat -1A 52.5°E PositionHow to track TStv on YahSat 1A

Once you are able to track either Yamal 55E or Nigcomsat 42.5E, TStv would be easy for you. The best way to go about this is to know the basics of satellite dish installation.

If you are using DStv position as your starting point, 52,5E is below DStv position in a similar direction. Read my how to manually track a sat dish tutorial if you are new to satellite dish tracking. Once you get a good signal, blindscan the channels.